Ambience - Natural sounds to fall asleep

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Ambience is an app to relax! Choose from a variety of high-quality natural sounds, musical instruments and Asian sounds.

You can listen to all sounds individually or compose and save your personal compositions to enhance your relaxation experience.

Use this app to fall asleep, meditate or simply to increase your concentration while learning.

The app contains over 100 high-quality sounds for every mood, all available to you for free:

★ rain noises
★ sea noise
★ streams and rivers
★ land noises
★ sounds of the night
★ wind noise
★ fire noises
★ relaxing music
★ Asian Sounds
★ Zen Garden
★ city sounds
★ everyday noises
★ White Noise, Pink Noise, Brown Noise
★ Binaural Beats

You can mix many relaxing sounds and adjust the volume individually.
Have you found your perfect composition? Then save them to play them at any time.

In addition, you can choose from a large amount of ready-made sound scenarios in the app.

Last but not least: set a timer so that the app will automatically fall asleep with you.

The app also works in flight mode - no running internet connection required!

Features of this app ***

★ sheren up to 10 sounds simultaneously
★ individual volume control
★ ready-made sound scenarios
★ sleep timer to automatically quit the app
★ automatic pause for incoming calls
★ no running internet connection is required

Benefits for your sleep ***

Are you having trouble falling asleep? These relaxing sounds soothe your mind, relax your body and help you sleep better. Say goodbye to insomnia! Good sleep is important for a happy life.

Benefits for concentration ***

Do you have trouble focusing, for example, when learning or at work? These relaxing sounds help you increase your concentration by covering annoying ambient sounds or calming your inner voice.

Benefits for meditation ***

The sounds of nature relieve the stress of modern everyday life.
The human mind reacts positively when it hears the sounds of nature. Emotions are awakened, which can lead you to an original and relaxing place.
Hear the sounds of nature and escape noise and daily stress.

Benefits for Tinnitus (ear ringing) ***

Do you suffer from tinnitus? The relaxing sounds help you and mask unpleasant ear ringing.

Notes on use ***

For a better experience, I recommend using headphones. Alternatively, use good external speakers to achieve maximum relaxation.
The app also continues to run in the background, so you can use your device for other things.

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