Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 - Car Repairer Game

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Ever wanted to run Car Mechanic Garage? Play Now, Live as a Junkyard Tycoon People bring their cars to your car garage and you have to do Car restoration, Car repair, Car Fixing of junkyard cars.

Different levels with different tasks like Painting, removing dents and Car wash. Fix the engine and a lot more in this Car Master Mechanic Simulator.

You start off as a new car mechanic, go to the store and buy some oil, paints and tires for your car garage. First car comes for Oil change, get in car, park in oil change section of the car garage. Open bonnet of car, open screw of engine, add oil, close screw, close bonnet of the junkyard car. Your first task as a car mechanic is done. Next guy comes for car wash, Get in car and take it to the wash section of the car garage, press button to clean the car, then drive ahead and ,press button to move the rollers to clean the car from sides, then from above in this Junkyard Tycoon Car Master Mechanic Simulator.

Next customer come to the car garage to check acceleration, get in car, go to acceleration check ramp, get out of car, go to a machine to check, keep tapping button until bar fills, then repeat for 4 gears. Now you have to do car repair of junkyard car and Fix the car body, remove dents. Start by taking the car to the denting area of car mechanic garage, pick up a suction device, then put on dent, then button appears, keep pressing it until dent is removed and car repair is done. Next to complete car restoration, fix dent area by painting, pick up correct paint, go to car and paint over the areas shown where dent was of the junkyard car in this Junkyard Tycoon Car Master Mechanic Simulator. Now person comes with broken engine. Get in car, take to engine area of the car mechanic garage, open hood, use a lifting machine to take car engine out and put on table to do car repair, then pick up screwdriver and remove nuts and replace with new ones to complete car restoration. Change tires, take car to ramp, press button, and car moves upwards on ramp, now pick up spanner, go to first tire and press button to remove all 4 nuts, then take tire out and put on table in car mechanic garage, go to another area with new tires, pick it up and go to car, put in tire and pick up screws and put in tire, repeat for 2 tires on both sides. Lastly a Very damaged car has come, do complete car restoration and car repair o it by completing car denting, painting and car wash in this Junkyard Tycoon Car Master Mechanic Simulator.

So, what are you waiting for? DOWNLOAD NOW! And play Car Mechanic Simulator: Junkyard Car Repair Game to experience life as a car mechanic and junkyard tycoon.

Car Mechanic Simulator: Junkyard Car Repair Game Features:
• Easy and smooth Controls.
• Realistic Car mechanic garage
• High-quality Cars and repair equipment
• Stunning 3D graphics.
• Addictive Gameplay

Let’s see how if u have what it takes to do live as car mechanic in “Car Mechanic Simulator: Junkyard Car Repair Game”: Enjoy the most anticipated Car mechanic game of 2020!
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