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Features you can only find on Chessify:

? SCAN 2D chess diagrams from printed or digital sources with 98% accuracy - Analyze with Leela Chess Zero (lc0)
? Stockfish 11 on Chessify's super-fast CLOUD server
? SHARE chess games as a high-quality video
? Search for chess positions on YouTube videos (WOW!!!)
? Play against Leela Chess Zero (lc0)
? Follow the strongest tournaments LIVE with the best simultaneous analysis by Stockfish 11 and LCZero Cloud Engines

Chessify is an indispensable tool for chess players of all levels. Equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, it offers a unique and innovative tool set to take your chess training to a whole new level.

Other features include:

- ANALYZE positions locally with your favorite chess engines (Stockfish 11, LCZero, Komodo)
- Play against STOCKFISH 11 of up to 2850 Eo rating levels
- Explore chess openings with the LiChess DATABASE of 2 million OTB games from 2200+ FIDE-rated players
- Import and export FEN/PGN files
- Edit the board according to your needs
- Save games and positions in the app
- Share chess positions as IMAGE on Facebook/Twitter and other social media applications
- Real-time flash game and classic chess ONLINE PLAY
- Play in online chess TOURNAMENTS
- Enjoy the practical CHESS CLOCK for OTB games (over the board)
- Apply parental control to disable engine analysis
- Available in 7 languages.

If you want to learn, play or analyze interesting chess positions, strategies and puzzles, Chessify is a perfect and free app for you. It allows you to scan and digitize chess charts from books, magazines, pdf files or other sources with acceptable detection efficiency, making your scanner the best chess OCR (optical character recognition) tool on the market. The app also allows you to analyze the digitized positions either locally or on cloud servers for free with the strongest chess engines. Chessify is the only app on the market that provides LCZero and Stockfish 11 for your analysis. If you have another preferred UCI engine, such as Komodo, you can download the app and use it on Chessify.

In addition to search engine settings, you can search for chess positions on Youtube and find the corresponding videos seamlessly. When you click on a video, you can view it from the seconds when the position you are looking for appears in it. You can also use the 2M game database to explore various chess openings and save your games in the app's memory to return thereafter. The application can generate FENs and PGNs and share them as text, image or video with other chess or message and social media applications such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc.

Finally, you can play chess online with your preferred time control and participate in online chess tournaments. If you are more on the training page, you can choose different strength levels and play either against LCZero or Stockfish 11, as well as follow the best international chess tournaments live with simultaneous analysis of the chess engine.

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