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Discover Cryptocurrency News?

Coinverse (beta) is the first cryptocurrency news app for audiocasts while offering video and text about Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, and more. Become current with the latest Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, and related cryptocurrency news on-the-go with the ability to swipe and organize news.

While a select number of apps and podcasts focus on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, and cryptocurrency news, none provide the ability to easily organize and listen on-the-go.

Coinverse surfaces content relevant on a personal level, explains recent developments in technologies, and covers current events around the world. By scanning the universe ? looking at thousands of sources, content is retrieved and passed through layers of atmospheric filters. Based on factors such as keywords, topics, quality of the source, etc. the information safely touches down in your feed.

Sample Cryptocurrency News Topics Covered

• Cryptocurrency
• Blockchain
• Coins
• Mining
• Bitcoin (BTC)
• Dash
• Ethereum (ETH)
• Litecoin (LTC)
• Ripple (XRP)
• Tron (TRX)
• And more!

Sample Cryptocurrency News Sources

• Forbes cryptocurrency news
• TechCrunch cryptocurrency news
• Fast Company cryptocurrency news
• Wired cryptocurrency news
• Quartz cryptocurrency news
• Coinbase cryptocurrency news
• ConsenSysMedia cryptocurrency news
• CNBC cryptocurrency news
• The Next Web cryptocurrency news
• a16z cryptocurrency news
• The Economist cryptocurrency news
• Financial Times cryptocurrency news
• Business Insider cryptocurrency news
• Boxmining cryptocurrency news
• Ivan on Tech cryptocurrency news
• CCN cryptocurrency news
• Cointelegraph cryptocurrency news
• Hacker Noon cryptocurrency news
• CoinDesk cryptocurrency news

Audiocasts ?, Video ?, and Text ?

Coinverse is an effortless platform to discover, organize, and consume content.

Think of how Reddit surfaces relevant information combined with Pocket’s ability to organize and listen to content. Enter Coinverse, the Hub(ble) ?️ for discovering crypto news.

Swipe To Save / Dismiss Content

Swipe right to save the content that interests you or swipe left to dismiss content in order to achieve the zen state of zero inbox. ?

Listen, Watch, Or Read

Tap on an article to listen to the generated audiocast. If video is your preference watch YouTube content from the top crypto creators. Or simply tap on the original source button to read.

The Most Relevant News

1. Whether you’re new to crypto or a long time enthusiast, discover the latest news and tech.
2. Save time by following the top sources in one place.
3. Focus on tech and news rather than short term price fluctuations.

Great For Listening On-the-Go

Listening to quality content at work, during the commute, or while completing other tasks saves time and adds value to your day.

I’d love your feedback on the public beta and for you to share the app with your friends! ? - Adam Hurwitz, Coinverse Creator

Note - Coinverse’s cryptocurrency news is for information and entertainment purposes only. Coinverse does not provide or recommend financial advice on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, or other cryptocurrency.
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