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DroidJoy - Full Version

Only works with Windows PCs not with consoles
****DroidJoy can now emulate DInput and XInput Gamepads ****
****DroidJoy server 2.0.1. works with Windows 7 and higher****

Before you install this App

1. Download the DroidJoy Server Software https://grill2010.github.io/droidJoy.html#download download
2. Install and start the Server now on your PC (if you have any problems, you can contact me at any time)
3. Make sure that your Smartphone and PC on the same network are registered. If you are using Bluetooth for communication, your PC must be visible to Bluetooth devices.
4. Start the DroidJoy App. Navigate to the "Connect" Window and click "Search server". DroidJoy should now automatically find the previously installed Server.

With DroidJoy your Smartphone can be used as a PC Joystick / Controller. Almost all games are supported by DInput and XInput Emulation. Play games like GTA V, Call Of Duty, Need for Speed, Sonic Mania, GTA San Andreas, Counter Strike and many more.

If you have any problems with the Installation, please do not hesitate to contact me.

!Make sure that the DroidJoy server has already started before you start your game or Emulator! It may be that the virtual Gamepad will not be recognized otherwise!

More information can be found on the links below

General Information


Server Tutorial

How do I install the DroidJoy Server


DroidJoy turns your Smartphone into a real virtual Gamepad for Windows PC. The application offers a variety of Layout configuration options. DroidJoy is not simply an application that simulates mouse or keystrokes, but is recognized by Windows as a real Gamepad. The Server can communicate with up to four devices, so you can also play Multiplayer games with your friends.

All you need is the Server application on your PC, you can download it from the official Website:

If you receive any warnings from your Firewall, please do not let it unsettle you.
The Server has been tested on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. If you have any problems during Installation or connecting to the Server, please contact me at
[email protected]


- DroidJoy Server must be started on PC
- Android version 5.0 (Lollipop) or higher

Version 2.0

- Gamepad emulation
* Multi-Client Support
* Up to 14 Buttons
* G-Sensor Support
* Buttons, volume Buttons, D-pad, left / right joystick
* Usable with WiFi or Bluetooth
- Xbox 360 controller emulation using XInput drivers
- Gamepad Layout Configuration
* Customization of the standard layouts
- Easy Connection Setup


- If you want to connect multiple controllers to your PC, please configure the desired number of virtual Gamepads in the Server application

Note: some newer games only support XBox Gamepads and do not work with DInput Gamepads. If you want to play a game that only supports Xbox Gamepads, you must enable XInput mode in the DroidJoy Server for the specific virtual Gamepad. Please install the free Lite version to test the functions of the app.

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