Funny Forecast

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Funny Forecast is a weather app designed to make your day just a bit better by having funny user submitted captions about the weather.

Checking the weather is not usually a fun task but everyone does it. So why not add a little spin to it and use something that makes you laugh when doing so.

Funny Forecast provides accurate weather information specific to you.

Text to Speech – Not only can you read the captions people create, you can also listen to them.
Real Time Caption Adding – Think of a funny caption? Don’t worry there is no reviewing time so everyone will be able to see your caption instantly.
Caption Voting - Vote on your favourite captions to show the creator how much you like them and allow more people to see them.
Caption Selection – Choose between receiving a random caption or the most popular captions.
Night and Day Mode – Enjoy different themes depending on what time of the day it is.
Daily Forecast for a Week - Not only is there information about today’s weather, their is also information for 5 days ahead of time.
Accurate Weather Information – Get accurate weather information for today that is in real time.
Speech Pitch Change - Change the pitch of the text to speech voice to make it higher or lower.
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