Germany Topo Maps

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+++ New map app for Germany !!! Introductory price only for a short time !! +++

Easy-to-use leisure navigation app with the best topographic maps and aerial images for Germany.

Over 50 different map levels for Germany. In addition, 10 map levels with worldwide coverage and numerous overlays such as hiking or cycling trails.

Use official topographic maps to find even the smallest forest and meadow paths !

Turn your Android phone/tablet into a full-fledged outdoor GPS for tours in the UK. This Navi app offers you a similar range of functions as e.g. Garmin GPS outdoor devices.

Map material can be downloaded for free for defined regions, so you don't need an internet connection on the go.

+++ Offline use only possible when Pro functions are unlocked +++

For many federal states there are additionally the official digital topo maps in all scales ( DTK10, DTK25, DTK50, ... ), high-resolution aerial photos, digital terrain models (DGM) and even ALKIS property maps with parcels !

As more map layers to download, there are the very good OpenStreetMap maps in different styles. And of course there are also the map levels of other commercial providers such as Google or Bing (these are only available online).

Included FREE map layers for GANZ Germany:

• TopPlus: This card is based on the ATKIS base DLM data, i.e. the best official map data that the BKG Germany has to offer. Can also be used in Europe in reduced resolution
• WebAtlasDE: This layer also uses ATKIS base DLM data, but with a different layout and slightly less zoom levels
• Germany satellite image 10m/pixel: medium resolution satellite image for Germany
• OpenStreetMaps : These collaborative maps are a very good addition to the official maps
• OpenCycleMaps: Ideal for bike tours as bike paths are highlighted (PRO feature !)
• ESRI Topographic, Aerial & Street
• Google Road, Satellite & Terrain Map (online only)
• Bing Road & Satellite Map (online connection only)
• Earth At Night
• Various overlays such as cycling and hiking trails, hillshade or water

The most important functions for outdoor navigation:

• Create and edit waypoints
• GoTo-Waypoint navigation
• Track recording
• Tripmaster with data fields for daily kilometers, average speed, bearing, altitude, etc.
• GPX/KML/KMZ Export
• Search (place names, streets)
• Definable data fields in map view (e.g. arrow, distance, compass, ...)
• Share waypoints, tracks or routes (via email, Whatsapp, Dropbox, Facebook, ..)
• Use of coordinates in WGS84, UTM or MGRS
• Record & share tracks with statistics & elevation profile
• Track Up & North Up
• Display of heights and distance by Long Click on map
• Track Replay
• Adding new Map Tile servers
• ...

Additional Pro Features: (Per features can be purchased via In App Purchase)

• Offline use without data connection (NO roaming !)
• Easily download map data for OFFLINE use (not for Google and Bing maps!)
• Create and edit routes
• Route navigation (point-to-point navigation)
• GPX/KML/KMZ Import
• unlimited Waypoints & Tracks
• No ads !

Use this navigation app for leisure activities such as hiking, cycling, climbing, horseback riding, ski/snowboard tours, paddle tours or off-road off-road tours.

For areas without an internet connection or to avoid roaming charges, you can download the required map data at home free of charge (Pro feature !).

Create waypoints with longitude/latitude, UTM or MGRS/USNG format with WGS84 date.

Import/export/share of GPS-Waypoints/Tracks/Routes in GPX or Google Earth KML/KMZ format.

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