Ghost Town Escape 5

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A war has left a town almost torn to pieces.

There were a few buildings that that only suffered few casualties, though. An orphanage has miraculously been spared from the chaos. The staffs and the children are still there as if nothing has happened. The little ones are trying to put together a jigsaw puzzle. Behind a locked door are the others who are sick and require treatment. These children have been left behind by the war, like objects that will stay unnoticed by society. But they are being taught a great lesson to manipulate their circumstance to their own benefit. These children will be the last to be raised in this orphanage.
Twenty-years passed when this orphanage was left abandoned. The last years had left it rotting and still gives off that vibe that there’s still something hidden inside its walls. Maria, the youngest of the last children raised in the orphanage came back for a visit. She and a few others knew about its secret and had wanted to search for clues. This was her home until she turned sixteen but she had failed to solve its mystery when she was younger. The call for the adventure is strong so she went in. No sooner had she stepped in, she blacked out, soon finding herself trapped in the cellar. She must find a way to escape the room. _____________________________________________________________________________________
Ghost Town Escape 5 features an exciting escape game that engages the player to solve the riddle of this abandoned building. Using your logic, discover hidden places, open locks and hunt down important items in this room escape game.

- 8 photographic stills
- 7 puzzles to solve
- more than 45 items to hunt
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