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GPS Navigation is the app which tells you where is your destination. Designed for GPS voice navigation with maps assistance and driving directions.

Voice navigation app gives accurate voice direction, you can enjoy a complete hands free driving experience. You ask where is your destination, and it will navigate you there. The app follows your command and voice gps assistant will navigate you to your desired destination by providing all relevant information on maps! It will provide you turn by turn instructions to the place where you want to go plus also the destination distance in miles and kph along with estimated time to reach there. Free GPS maps data is fetched in real time to provide accurate location even in offline maps.

The free gps app includes many easy to use and great features:

GPS Navigation:
This direction app provides you accurate GPS map and it’s voice gps assistant provides you turn by turn direction to the place where you want to go.

My Location:
You can find your street address and location details by using this gps app, it gets your location using gps maps and shows you where is your location!

Offline Maps:
Offline maps play a key role if you are out of data you can use the gps offline maps to navigate by using this smart directions app.

Area Calculator:
It is another free gps feature through which you can calculate the area by using this gps app, it is indeed a great valuable feature.

Weather plays the key role during travel, this gps app has it covered for you. So that you can plan your trip accordingly.

Nearby Places:
At times it happens that you are unaware of the places which you visit, this smart gps app helps you even then to search for any nearby place e.g. bank, store, book shop, coffee bar, ATM, restaurant, hotels, Cafe, Casino, Gym, Gas station and many more places. You can simply navigate to your desired place by following the driving direction on map.

Share Maps:
It will share your gps maps location as an image to the person you want to share with.

You can submit your feedback if any road is closed, traffic jam or any confusion in the driving directions and maps direction. Your feedback is always helpful for others to understand the traffic conditions and navigate accordingly. You can mute the voice navigation anytime as per your convenience, during mute condition you can follow the driving direction shown on screen.
There is nobody on planet earth who doesn’t travel, GPS navigation app is a need based app to complete day-to-day trips, and you will get best navigation route directions along with maps direction to follow in order to complete a trip.

GPS Navigation - Maps, Driving Directions, and Traffic is an intelligently designed app that allows you to alter your travel plan anytime, especially during peak traffic hours or wherever you feel any traffic problem, you can easily change the travel route to save time and avoid traffic jams. You can also opt for the previous route and direction on the available maps anytime which you avoided earlier and use the same old maps directions.
The maps come with dark and light themes and you can switch between them easily to see the map or earth as per your requirement. This GPS map app takes very little space on your device and enables you to travel the world by simply speaking the destination name and it will show you the driving directions.
GPS Navigation app gives you the exact distance of your desired destination so that you can have a clear picture of remaining distance to cover. Besides distance and other information of the trip the application also shows your current speed at which you are travelling through its speedometer. While following the maps directions you will also be notified about the remaining estimated time where you want to reach.
You will get your GPS map location in text form and the same can be viewed on the map as well. Above all you can share your GPS satellite location to friends and family instantly.
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