Island is home survival simulator game

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After a terrible story, they found themselves in a distant ocean on an abandoned island. Time to survive!

This island is a very dangerous place. Many wild animals can inflict heavy wounds or kill you. You have to protect yourself and fight for your life!

There are many resources on the island. Cut dry trees, pick up trunks. Far in the fields and on the peaks of the mountains there is ore. You can get not only stone and coal, but also iron and even gold!

They are waiting for beautiful scenery. You can climb a high mountain and admire the beautiful sunset. A contrasting shadow falls on the hot sandy bottom. Grass and trees can be heard when the wind begins. Immerse yourself in the realistic 3D world of this island!

The graphics are optimized for all devices. We have not forgotten the owners age of slow devices. In the graphics settings in the main menu, you can choose the graphics quality-low, medium or high. To increase the number of frames per second, you can enable a "Low Screen Resolution" in the graphics settings (Warning: does not work on some older devices).

- Easy player control!
The joystick is easy to move the player, slide the center of the screen with your finger to rotate the camera. On the right are the action buttons and the jump. This will be enough for you to explore the great open world!
At the top of the screen are information about the player and additional buttons such as a pause, a menu with recipes and a backpack.

- Recipes and crafts!
To create new items, you can use the craft. Click the Recipes button at the top of the screen. Select the items you want from the list. Collect the necessary resources specified in the recipe on the right and get the "Craft" button. Use all handmade items and weapons in the backpack menu.

- Buildings!
Build your dream home! A small cottage or a large mansion-of the imagination are no limits! They are not limited in possibilities. Expand resources and build what you want!
After mining resources such as wood, stone, metal and iron, you can start to build your cottage where you will spend the night. Don't forget to put a fire or torch in the house so that there was no darkness at night.

- Lots of tools!
To protect against wild animals, use stronger tools and weapons. Use the pickaxe to extract the ore. The axe is useful for cutting trees. With a spear or bow you can easily get away from the attack of the crocodiles.

- Great open world!
Try opening the entire map. Discover every bit of this dangerous area. Build a boat and explore the neighbouring islands. You can find many interesting things!

- Save game progress at any time!
Just go to pause menu and click on "Save" button!

Some secrets are hidden in the game. Solve them all. It will help you to be saved. A rescue helicopter flies by. It can drop boxes of resources. Look around and into the sky, don't miss such a gift!

That and much more awaits you in the new survival game of 2018! Try to survive on an island and keep alive as long as possible and do your best to get from here!

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  • Category: Games
  • Platform: Android
  • Developer: Fun Simulator Games
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  • License: Free
  • Last Update: June 02, 2020
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