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Island survival! The most epic survival game of the hardcore survival island!

Island Survival is a survival hero located on the ocean island, surrounded by the ocean and full of wild life. Imagine being trapped on a wild island where you have to land out of a crashed plane and face the most dangerous challenges of life. not only that, but you also have to protect yourself from other wild people who have been on the island with you for centuries. There is no friend but a beautiful girl, Linda. No help and absolutely no one you can trust. sounds intimidating, doesn't it? Well, if you want to experience all this, get this newly released action adventure game now and learn what happens when action hits the survival game.

Survival modes:
• live a wild life as a couple
• Survive with your girlfriend Linda
• Build a boat and return

Your search for survival continues !. The wild animals are on dry land, and you could be their next meal time. Do you want to be a hunter or the hunted? It's your decision. Bastle, run, jage and survive in the island survival game Open World! Yes, it's time to dodge the wild creatures, chase them, and survive them. there could be armed enemies, who knows, time is uncivilized in this best hunting game.
You're in an open survival game full of wild wolf packs in an open survival game. Do you think you can survive on this island of survival? This survival game is full of exciting adventures for those looking for a survival adventure

Hunting and Survival Games challenge you in the most adventurous way to prove your skills in this survival world among wild wolves. Use a wooden axe to cut down trees and provide protection, and drink coconut water to quench your thirst. If you are looking for the survival wilderness in the best possible hunting game, this is your chance to realize your adventurous dream.

how to survive?
Never lose your hope! Make a hard wooden axe to cut down trees, collect wood for fire, drink coconut water and eat apple from trees. Look out for wild bears, wolves and island animals. In this real island survival game, you'll set fire at night to keep dangerous animals away. Use your hunting skills and survive with the animal's flesh as long as you get help from outside the island world. Let's start with hunting and survival in this best survival simulator ever.

you and your girlfriend linda on the island face the most difficult survival challenge. Follow your instincts, hide your Linda and fight wolves in this best survival game. This is for those looking for the best survival game in which they are challenged by wild animals and live by vulnerable animals. Let's be the survival hero by starting your wild journey through action adventure games.

Why start your journey of survival here?
• Fascinating 3D island environment
• Sounds of survival missions
• Build a home, hunt animals, find raw tools
• Stunning survival experience
• brand new island survival simulator
• fight wolf, fight bears and explore the ocean island
• Realistic and easy control
• Stunning graphics and improved visual representations

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  • Last Update: June 02, 2020
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