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Cooking recipes video app " Classique

It is a free cooking recipe video app where you can find cooking and menu ideas from over 32,000 recipes.

From menu dishes, Bento and side dishes recipes, happy carbohydrate-restricted recipes for diet,healthy recipes with plenty of vegetables are also easily found.

◆"I can make it properly delicious」
The recipe and menu are devised by Chef krasil シev under the supervision of a registered dietitian.
For that reason, every dish is a recipe that you can enjoy with peace of mind.

◆Recommended for people like this
- People looking for recipe ideas
- People who do not want to fail dishes
- People who like to watch cooking shows and cookbooks
- People who want to know the recipe easily in the movie, from the side dish of rice to making sweets

◆About cooking recipes
The recipe is overseen by a registered dietitian.〉
The recipes and menu of the listed dishes are carefully devised one by one under the supervision of a registered dietitian"krasil chef".

I'll find a new recipe.〉
Our daily updated cooking recipes have over 32,000 reviews and you will find delicious cooking and recipe ideas.

検索機能 search for recipes〉
Even when you are in trouble with menu and recipe"what to make today", you can find a lot of recipe ideas to search by ingredients and cooking name.
(Example) breakfast, lunch box, side dish, short time, saving, making (making), sweets
In addition to the cooking name, we also have a large number of sugar-restricted recipes and baby food recipes.

◆ Menu function using the classic recipe
(Daily menu decision, easily〉
You can easily make a menu in the morning, day, and evening menu only by selecting each"main dish, side dish, soup".
It is possible to make a menu by selecting the recipe according to your favorite genre such as"Japanese, Western food, Chinese, Korean, ethnic" genre crowded function, such as.

◆Contact us
If you have any questions or problems, please contact us at the following email address.
dely Corporation

I hope that every meal will be delicious.

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