Mapply: Map Maker

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Mapply can draw courses, place photos, texts and markers in places you like on the map and save them.

● Course
You can set multiple courses which individually change marks of line color, thickness, start and end position.
● Memo
You can set balloons (markers) with embedded photo and text.
● Marker
You can set markers by selecting icon prepared in advance.
● Palette
You can change the color on the map such as land, road and text etc.

For example, use as follows
· Before traveling or walking, write courses and places you want to go.
 When you actually go around courses, you can check the current location by turning on [My location] in the menu.
· After going on travel, add pictures and memos.
 You can put photos in the place where you took it, or leave memos.

Easily send and receive saved data to nearby devices installed Mapply.
Send and receive offline using WiFi or Bluetooth etc. (Android's feature: Nearby Connections API)
As it is offline, mobile networks will not be used. It can send and receive data with SIM card unmounted device.

You can output saved data in the following format.
● Snapshot
You can output the displayed map to the image.
Unlike device screenshot, only map is output, excluding status bar etc.
You can output courses and markers as location data that can be used with Google Earth and Google Maps.
※ Since KML does not include images, photos are not reflected.
※ In Google Maps, some KML functions are not supported, such as the marker size can not be specified.
● Mapply data file
Outputted Mapply data file can be read by this app.

For details of each screen, refer to help in the app menu.
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