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NEW Support for northern AND southern hemispheres. See new screenshots...

This is only supported in the information screens for now. The widgets do not show this. A future update will include this.


A fairly simple widget that will display a graphic of the current phase of the moon, based on today's date.
The app runs as a 2x2 widget that updates every few hours. No real drain on battery life.
NEW: Added new 1x1 widget of JUST the moon. Also added launcher icon for devices that don't support widgets

Click on the widget for the Information screen. This allows you to scroll through the days, and shows a graphic of the moon in relation to the earth. It gives a better representation of WHY the moon looks like it does at any given time. The rotation of the earth is accurate to within an hour.

A newer addition: A full calendar so you can view the moon phases, pretty much for any time of any year. Plus special new graphics to show blood moons, eclipses, etc...

It should be noted that none of it is to scale. The relation of the sizes is close. But the distance is necessarily shortened to make it fit. Check the web based version of this for more information:

Free app. No ads. Although, I may rethink that at some point.
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