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πŸ’– Welcome to the #1 App πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Surprise Kawaii Ice cream Kawaii Glitter Coloring Pages 🎁 the best Bigger Surprise ever? lol ; )

Download now coloring Ice cream Kawaii for Girls and Adults and start to colouring now! Ope the best Princess Happy Color Colouring, simple & easy no color by number anymore. 🌈 it's a new Ice cream coloring book pages

πŸ’– UNBOX SURPRISE GIFT on end of each level coloring! From Ice cream coloring book to kawaii coloring pages. 100+ Gift surprises that you can Unbox! Try to grab them all! Surprises and Kawaii Ice cream will be updated from time to time. So keep playing for more items!

color Kawaii Ice cream, pop, unbox β€” collect! Shake things up with the Surprise Kawaiis in this coloring app. Now with all new Makeover Series surprises including the Kawaii customizer Add ALL NEW Makeover Series Hairgoals and Bling Series Kawaii to your collection. Don’t stop now… Keep popping to unbox and complete your Kawaii collection. You’re almost there! Excited yet?

🎁 Surprise Features:

🌟 Happy Color Colouring, simple & easy no color by number
🌟 Create your Own Kawaii coloring glitter
🌟 Save your coloring Kawaii looks in Gallery to unbox it latter
🌟 Surprise on Every level you play!
🌟 Cool Rare Kawaii Drawings Backgrounds for Paint!
🌟 Rare Ice cream Drawings for Coloring
🌟 Glitter, Glam Glitter Amazing ready Hair Styles
🌟 Paint and Color new Kawaii fashion Ice cream.
and Much More! lol!

Coloring Cute Kawaii :

Best Kawaii Ice cream Game for girls and boys

🎁 How to Play Kawaii Ice cream :

Tap Play on Home menu screen to open game for Adults. Next Select a Kawaii Ice cream you would like to play then start coloring pages or Tap Create Ice cream Kawaii to make your own Kawaii creation.

πŸ‘‘ - If you tap Ready Kawaii you can start game on the right menu and navigate through the wardrobe categories. What you can Chose: Ball Tops, pop Bottoms, Dresses, Shoes, Hairs, Glasses, Bracelets and Bags!
Make it your Style!

πŸ‘‘ - Kawaii Fancy Creating - if you tap Create your own Kawaii. You can chose how your new Kawaii Ice cream will look. So many options and combinations! From Skin Color to Contact lens. When you ready name your Kawaii and tap coloring button. Now your new Kawaii is available to play on selection menu. Create as many colouring Kawaiis Ice cream you like!

πŸ‘‘ After Kawaii is all ready, colouring up the way you like, tap right arrow and go to final look stage to look at your new Kawaii creation! Do not forget to open and Unbox your Surprise gift box for a Confetti Pop. Collect all Accessories! You can use your gift surprises at any time when you select any dresses category. It will show a gift box, just tap it to open gift menu and chose them. : )

πŸ’– Some Big Surprises you can Get:
Ball, Pop Glasses, Glam Dresses, Biggie Caps, Fancy 3d Glasses, Popular Costumes, Bigger Kawaiis, Poopsie Style, Pet Cosplay (L.O.L) Laughing Out Loud, Ultra-rare Kawaiis, Athletic Clothes, Nails, Glam Glitter Bags, Coloring Book, Slime Hair, Fabulous Unicorn Eye Lens , Spy Glasses, lil bags, Kawaii sisters and so much more!

Unbox and Collect Accessories …

Change kawaii backgrounds! Your Kawaii look maybe look even better on different rooms! πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

Take a picture and save in your Gallery that is available on main home menu section.

Thank you for playing of new Kawaii Ice cream Colouring game! We really like to hear from you on the comment review section. Just tap rate us and you can give us ratings and write a comment. It mean a lot to us Developers! ;)

Happy Kawaii House Coloring Up! πŸ’–πŸ’–

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This is Series 1 Game. Enjoy the Fashion Trendy Part 1 game. Coming Soon: Series 2 ( Glam Super Glitter ) and Series 3 ( Little Twin Sisters) ! 2019 New Goals!

Enjoy the #1 App πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Surprise Kawaiis Ice cream Kawaii Glitter Coloring Pages 🎁 the best Bigger Surprise ever? lol ; )
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