Wife's Table

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We invite you to [wife's dining table] where cooking is happy.

Now you can enjoy the app's signature food platform ,Wife's Table, chosen by 2 million users.
A variety of recipes using familiar everyday ingredients can now be easily cooked at home.

In pursuit of a "dining table for your wife" rather than a "wife's table", we have a variety of recipes to suit your situation, clean up and down, and useful information from grooming ingredients to using tools.

The [wife's table] also introduces practical information and products that wives want to share with their daily wonders, and has become a 'warm space for wives'.

▶ special recommendations you meet every day!
Discover ingredients, recipes and contextual recipes.

A reliable recipe with flavor and nutrition!
▶ carefully selected recipes made by culinary experts, so you can follow them with peace of mind.

Convenience for cooking!
▶, you can use the app more conveniently with step-by-step collection, timer functions, recipe bookmarks, and more.

More details with the video!
▶ recipes, cooking methods, and more, it's easier to follow in the video.

Everything about cooking!
▶ a wide range of cooking tips, such as grooming ingredients, cutting fruit beautifully, and styling tables with props.

Shopping in my hands!
▶ a wide range of kitchenware products can be easily found by easy payment.

"What do you eat today?"
Solve all your problems with [wife's table].

Wife's dining table, which always dreams of a happy table,
Now we see you in the app.

Mandatory access
* Wife's table does not use mandatory access that requires consent.

Optional access
* Optional access to the Service can be used without consent, but the functions that require such permissions may be limited.

1. Photo/Media/File
- When registering your profile picture, you will need to load an existing photo.

2. Camera
- It is necessary to take a profile picture.

3. Read your phone's status and ID
- A unique identification number is required to distinguish between the members of the wife's table on the network, and the ID number of the mobile phone terminal is used. No material other than that ID number is collected or processed.

4. Search your account on your device
- Items for interlocking with Google Play Store
Developer Contacts:
230 Pangyo Station, Bundang District, Seongnam City, Gyeonggi Province
Samhwan Heifex B-dong 5F Culture Hero
[email protected]
031 698 2142

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