Google Closes AI Photo Printing Service on June 30

Google was providing a service that collating your pictures in Google photos or applying effects on them with artificial intelligence.

This service also including printing these photos.But Google’s automated photo printing service did not achieve the success company expected and it’ll end at the end of the month. With this service, you could a pick photo from your Google Photos library and edit with AI to make yourself good looking and printlike that.In this service, which has 8 dollars/month payment artificial intelligence creates 10 photos for you and prints them on 4x6 photo paper. Also, it allows you to make edits before printing. The idea was looking to gift or memories make physical but it didn’t work out because of a pandemic situationIt is uncertain the company will offer a similar service or not in the future. But for this service, they will wait for the end of the pandemic for sure.

June 26, 2020 06:11
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